About us

Everything you need to know about FIFO Fit and our company, FIFO Fit Australia, can be summed up in three words:

independent – experienced – fast

FIFO Fit gives you everything you need to know to finalise your medical as fast as possible. No more delays starting your new job. No more frustrating back-and-forth with your doctor, trying to get extra information you don’t understand.

What is FIFO Fit?

After years of watching frustrated workers struggle to understand their employment medical, Dr Jennifer Cullen wrote FIFO Fit to help you understand:

  • why your employer has asked for you to do a medical
  • what goes on in an employment medical
  • how you can prepare so you can complete everything on the day.

FIFO Fit Australia

FIFO Fit Australia is an independent company created to bring you the book FIFO Fit. We are not influenced by any employers, medical companies, insurers, or other groups.

We made FIFO Fit just for you.